Friday, 10 July 2009

The Slippery Slope

Remember when 'doing shots' used to be a good way to pregame and get a little buzz before going out? That was rhetorical, everyone remembers. It was a great time to propose a toast to a good night, getting girls, and remembering everything you were about to do. As the years have ticked by, shots have become more and more elusive, and much more dangerous at the same time. Here is the rundown of age versus fun when it comes to shots over the course of a decade:

17: shots are illegal, potent, and fun. people pass out in bathtubs and bushes.

19: still fun, and possibly allow you to view breasts without having to first buy dinner at chilis.

21: the addition of shots in bars makes toasts harder and therefor more genuine. screaming 'TO FRIENDSHIP' seems appropriate and fun.


shots are legal, potent, and fun. people pass out in bathtubs and bushes.

This scale indicates that shot-taking peaks at a certain age. my guess would be that around age 25, stop taking shots altogether, unless you enjoy blacking out, unprotected sex, or screaming horrible things at law enforcement personnel.

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  1. at the age 25 huh? thanks for the tip, loco lub you.